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Creating a listing on Veekle is cost-free and can be done in under 30 minutes. Just upload some pictures, write a quick summary, set your availability, and you're all set for the verification stage!

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Generate monthly earnings from your existing vehicle. We ensure swift and safe transactions following every reservation.

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Support Caribbean exploration. Your Veekle listing is exposed to thousands of travelers heading to the islands, searching for a standout car rental experience.

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We're excited to offer peace of mind knowing you're covered. Our Veekle Insurance Partnership ensures protection for both car owners and travelers with every booking.

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Once you confirm vehicle handoff, Veekle initiates payment within 24 hours. It can take 5 – 15 days for funds to reach your desired payout option. Let’s do this again!

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Car Transparency & Trust

Veekle members are required to verify their license, phone number, and email prior to listing or booking. Additionally, they must upload a profile photo for identification purposes. Reviews are submitted upon completion of the trip.

Car 24/7 Member Support

Our committed Support Team is accessible 24/7 to address any inquiries you may have. While phone support is limited, you can instantly reach us through chat or email around the clock.

Car Insurance Protection

Rest assured, we've got your peace of mind covered with comprehensive 3rd party or Own Damage insurance.

Frequently asked questions

Who can rent my vehicle?

We aim to build a safe and trusted community, so every traveler undergoes a verification process. We verify licenses for validity and age and verify members' phone numbers and email. Travelers also have the option to connect their social media accounts. Only verified travelers can book an owner's vehicle on our platform.

How much can I earn renting my car?

Make money while you sleep. Peer-to-peer car sharing is considered passive income; no need to trade time for money. On average owners will earn $1,000 USD a month renting their vehicle.

What if my vehicle is damaged?

If your vehicle is damaged during a trip and the traveler did not report it, you will have 48 hours after the trip ends to send in an insurance claim. Make sure you have all the necessary information before you submit a claim. Login to your account and click on the Claims menu to get started.

I live outside Jamaica, can I list my vehicle?

Yes, you can. During the vehicle listing process, you will have the option to select a custodian. A custodian is someone who acts on your behalf while you are out of the country. A custodian must be a verified user of the Veekle platform before you can select them. While selecting your custodian, you will be required to upload your custodian's police report and report date. When travelers book your car, they will be notified that your listing has a custodian.

What do I need to list my vehicle?

First, you will need to verify your identity. After that, we require copies of your registration, fitness, and insurance documents. You will also need to complete a valuation inspection and upload your tracking device document. Having a good listing is important, so professional photos are required.

What’s the age requirement?

Members must be at least 23 years old (not older than 75) and meet our basic eligibility requirements to book or list a vehicle. Veekle cannot alter the age policy.